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Say It Ain’t So. Silver Is The New Black!

R13 Metallic Painted Skinny Jeans

R13 Metallic Painted Skinny Jeans

In my ongoing quest to find the perfect pointy-toe pump (a classic style that instantly elongates your legs), I came across a few resort ’13 standouts worth sharing. Not that I actually need any of these nor do I have the disposable income to warrant such frivolity. Then again, chasing toddler twins on the cobblestone streets Dumbo, Brooklyn in 4″ metallic stilettos (the shade du jour this spring), just might pave the way to my pursuit of happiness.  (more…)

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You Snooze, You Lose! Fashion Junkie’s Closet Castoffs Up For Grabs!

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding my compulsive shopping habit, I thought it only fitting to report on another downside of making so many impulse purchases. The obvious: I’m now stuck with dozens of barely worn designer shoes, handbags, coats and countless other items.

As a New York-based Fashion Junkie with no storage (yup… I’ve invaded all 3 closets in my apt, including my hubby’s and kids), I donate whatever castoffs I can to Housing Works every season. But the more coveted designer pieces a la Alexander Wang (size 6 feet, anyone?) and Gucci, are cramming my closets and desperately need a new and loving home. I’ve periodically posted on eBay and Craigslist, but feel they don’t always attract the kind of niche audience that I’m looking for. Plus, they’re lacking an expertly curated and social component that make online shopping that much more fun.

Lucky for me, the business of luxury online fashion resale is booming. Throughout the last year alone, a proliferation of sites such as Material Wrld, Vaunte, The Real Real, Posh Mark, Shop Hers, Copious and Covetique have set up shop, each offering their distinct take on how to best feature pre-owned designer wares culled from fashion influencers and in some cases, celebs. Aside from the fun and addictive social elements such as building-up a following of like-minded serial shoppers, the biggest benefit of joining said communities: hard core Fashion Junkie’s, including yours truly, can continuously refresh your wardrobe with one-of-a-kind luxury finds at a fraction of the retail cost while cashing-in on items that would normally collect dust and clutter your closet. On that note, you can find a handful of my very own closet castoffs up for grabs on Material Wrld.

Happy Shopping!


Alexander Wang Leather Booties, Size 6

Alexander Wang Leather Booties, Size  6



Gucci aviator frames. bought at Ideeli's NYC headquarters - never worn!

Gucci aviator frames. bought at Ideeli’s NYC headquarters – never worn!

Pour La Victoire pony-hair leopard print wedges, size 6

Pour La Victoire pony-hair leopard print wedges, size 6

See by Chloe Suede Knee-High Slouch Boots, Size 6

See by Chloe Suede Knee-High Slouch Boots, Size 6

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Crowns & Jewels

What does modern dentistry and jewelry have in common? Quite a lot, according to Sabine Le Guyader and Jill Martinelli, the dynamic duo behind Lady Grey, a wickedly fashionable line of homegrown baubles.

Martinelli and Le Guyader got their start in prosthetic dentistry and orthodontics, while earning bachelor’s degrees for metalsmithing and jewelry design. How apropos! Named after Lady Jane Grey, the naughty wife of King Henry VIII who was beheaded for adultery after only nine days on the throne, this line of grisly, yet gorgeous hardware will instantly transform even your most frightful frocks into an unexpected masterpiece.

I’m digging their claw-like bracelets adorned with human teeth (cast in gold, silver and bronze), all meticulously handcrafted with torches (don’t try this at home!), special molds, metal-welding and other daunting devices you might find in your dentist’s office. That, or a Medieval torture chamber.

Unleash your devilish side and reinvigorate your wardrobe with eye-catching spear necklaces encrusted in silver bismuth, apex-shaped studs and gold-brushed cuffs with spikes…without fear of retribution. Get your Lady Jane fix at Pieces start from $199.

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5 Fall Staples Worthy of Blowing Your Severance

Having recently lost my job due to a “company wide re-org,” I probably shouldn’t be thinking about spending a dime on anything other than basic essentials such as food and shelter. That said, with all those irresistible pre-fall fashions trickling into stores, how bad would it be to dip into my severance for some retail therapy? Come to think of it, isn’t clothing also considered a “staple?” Without further adieu, following are 5 fall wardrobe essentials I’ve been salivating over since getting the dreaded pink slip.

Peplum Power

Having just viewed all 5 seasons of Mad Men in 2 weeks (another benefit of having some time on my hands), I’m feeling the need to wear a Joan Harris-inspired power dress like this glittery peplum prize from Cynthia Steffe. And to think I found it at online at of all places?

Pointy-Toe Pumps

These killer patent-leather red pumps from B by Brian Atwood are pure perfection. Not sure how practical 4” heels will be whilst pushing 3 year-old twins around in a double stroller on the cobblestone streets of Dumbo, but can’t a girl dream? Pair these beauties with 7 For All Mankind’s new wax-coated skinnies in merlot and you’re good to go.

Cobalt Crush

I’m obsessed with electric blue (ideal for drawing attention away from my sleep-deprived under eye circles) and anything from French newcomer Maje (same owner as Sandro and Claudie Pierlot, a.k.a. SMCP Group). Right now I’m loving this fitted electric blue wool coat with supple leather sleeves. My biggest beef with this brand: the smallest available size is typically 36 (equivalent to a US 4), which means I’ll have to spend extra coin getting it altered to fit my frame. C’est dommage.

Bold Handbags

Most fashionistas I know are obsessed with Celine’s new “It Bag,” the Trapeze, which starts at only $2,100. Aside from the price tag (which would require me to take out a second mortgage), I personally prefer a lighter weight and more functional carryall to tote around my belongings. Enter Jerome Dreyfuss, a Paris-based designer who recently made his foray into the US market. Incidentally, I’ve noticed his jaw-dropping designs decorating store shelves at the likes of Barneys, Zoe and other online sites such as Shopbop, Ssense, La Garconne and even Saks. So much for that undiscovered secret! Certainly not cheap with prices ranging from $950+, but I do think his latest incarnation of last year’s Max hobo – the Etienne, is worth the investment. While available in black, forest green and dark grey, my personal fave is fire-engine red – an obnoxiously chic standout shade that happens to blend perfectly with the burgundy Iro biker jacket I’ve been lusting after.

Buyer beware: if you opt for the calfskin version, make sure you don’t wear it in the rain. I accidentally threw an opened water bottle inside my precious Max last fall and the burgundy leather turned a darker shade in one very obvious spot. I still haven’t forgiven myself for that faux pas.

Luxe Leather

With regard to outerwear this fall, it’s a toss-up between IRO’s bordeaux leather biker jacket and Mackage’s Mongolian-trim Kivi. I’m not the biggest fan of toggles (blustery winds often creep through the gaps), but think this beauty is beyond sophisticated. Sadly I have a slight fur allergy, but would be willing to put up with a rash and hives, at least for this season.

Dear reader: would you consider blowing your severance on frivolous fashion items? Feel free to share your stories/comments with the FJ community. I love hearing from you!

Fashion Junkie


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Cleaning House… for Kooba?

imageAfter months of procrastination, I finally mustered up the courage to clean out my crammed closets to make way for the impending arrival of… twins! Yes, I’m expecting not one, but two little ones in January 2010. If it weren’t for the babies, I probably would have never pushed myself to do the deed. But as my friend Cindy said over lunch the other day, “You’re in nesting mode Dara,” to which I’d have to agree.

Case in point: I recently filled up 6 industrial-strength garbage bags with clothing castoffs – most of which I’m donating to Housing Works, simply to make room for the soon-to-arrive borders, as my husband and I jokingly refer to them. Yes, I’m a good Samaritan, despite the countless dollars of hard-earned cash I’ve wasted on designer denim (as if I’ll ever be able to squeeze into size 24 J Brands again), fitted Smythe blazers (they’ll never cover my belly button even after losing those pregnancy pounds) and Loeffler Randall shoes that I’ve sadly outgrown (a common, yet unfortunate pregnancy occurrence).

Perhaps the worst realization to come out of this so-called nesting ritual: having just sold 2 barely-worn Botkier trigger handbags along with a Foley & Corinna Jetsetter on eBay (pregnancy brain clearly prevents me from thinking straight), I’m now in desperate need of an equally stylish replacement bag – something roomy and timeless with an edge that I can tote around long after the twins arrive. Having perused dozens of websites (brick-and-mortar shopping simple isn’t an option when your tummy resembles a torpedo), I finally came across “the one” – this stunning Kooba tote (a.k.a. the “Ryder.”)

One glance at the sultry suede arm candy on and I instantly fell madly in love. While you can’t go wrong with the classic black leather and shimmery metallic silver versions, it’s the rich purple Ryder – a total power color that is sure to instantly spice-up my predominantly black and Belgian-inspired wardrobe, that I’m utterly obsessed with. Another reason why I’m smitten by Kooba’s Ryder tote: this wearable work of art gives me a permasmile just picturing it slung over my shoulder. Other must-have details worth noting include a magnetic snap closure (ideal for deterring pesky muggers), 2 interior cell phone pockets, a sturdy lining and lengthy double straps that sit comfortably on your shoulders (read: no slippage or painful red marks on your skin). But the ultimate pièce de resistance is the funky ‘80’s-inspired triangle frame that’s adorned with punk-infused asymmetrical zippers. What can I say… I’m loving anything with a hard-core rock ‘n roll edge at this pre-baby stage in my life. Guess that’s my way of rebelling. But I digress…

The Kooba Ryder, from what I can tell, also happens to be deep enough for stowing everyday essentials such as my iPhone, wallet, Thermos Intak, Trish McEvoy mini pager and dare I say those dreaded diapers and baby bottles. While you might scoff at the hefty $595 price tag, take it from me – this Kooba arm candy is sure to be a sweet investment.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, getting rid of all my excess crap actually felt rather cathartic. Which reminds me… I happen to have a few more castoffs available on eBay, including a lightweight patent-leather Bulga satchel with multiple pockets. Any takers? Simply drop me a line at

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