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Fashion Junkie Facelift, Version 3.0

Dara Fleischer... Your Shopping Chaperone

Dara Fleischer… Your Shopping Chaperone

Welcome to the revamped,! I’ve spent the past few months shopping (naturally) and overhauling the site, giving it a much-needed facelift. Version 3.0, if you will. You’ll find the same Fashion Junkie Fixations that you’ve come to know and love such as my globe-trekking shopping safari adventures, Shop Talk, Clothes Encounters, Beauti-Fixations and of course, personal shopping services and tailor-made NYC shopping tours. You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve also added some exciting new things into the mix, including:

  • Fashion Junkie Junior – in celebration of pint-sized fashionistas along with my very own 3 year-old boy/girl twins (a.k.a., NoLa)
  • Shop  –  my gently worn closet castoffs up for grabs (Alexander Wang, anyone?)
  • Social Junkie – the FJ community now spans across Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more

So, without further adieu, I invite you to explore Fashion Junkie 3.0. Let me know what you think… I love hearing from you.

Happy Shopping!

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The French Invasion

Looking to inject a little joie de vivre into your wardrobe? Lucky for you, a plethora of hipster Parisian-based boutiques recently landed stateside. With kooky names like The Kooples, Zadig & Voltaire and Maje, these ultra cool outposts offer the crème de la crème in contemporary fashion. Herein, some sweet French finds to suit every style and budget. Sorry, Laduree macarons not included.


Channel your inner Rachel Zoe (but French) with flirty ‘n feminine staples from this trés chic Parisian chain. I’m crushing over pretty much everything, including this two-toned lace top, punchy crimson coat (Fall’s “It Color”) and eye-popping electric blue blazer. The ultimate pièce de resistance: a studded black leather cuff. Available at Bloomingdale’s shop-in-shops and Prices range from $79 – $1,200.


This hipper sister store to Maje stocks a stellar rotation of on-trend Boho-chic staples that exude that special je ne sais quoi. Available at Bloomingdale’s shop-in-shops and Click here for store locations.

The Kooples

You just might go cuckoo over this edgy masstige label. Note the sleek Savile Row-inspired tailoring and androgynous vibe. Strikingly similar to All Saints, n’est-ce pas? Available at select Bloomingdale’s locations. NYC flagship coming soon. Prices range from $50 to $550. Visit

Zadig & Voltaire

Rock ‘n roll accents and somber shades rule at this posh Parisian paradise. Though made to look like effortlessly chic street fashion, the price tags beg to differ. Reluctantly, I’ve become a bonafide Zadigian. Available at select Bloomingdale’s. Click here for flagship store locations in NYC and L.A. Prices range from $65-$900. Visit

Other French newcomers guaranteed to empty your wallet: Celine, Jerome Dreyfuss, Isabel Marant, Comptoir des Cotonniers and Surface To Air. Happy spending!

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Crowns & Jewels

What does modern dentistry and jewelry have in common? Quite a lot, according to Sabine Le Guyader and Jill Martinelli, the dynamic duo behind Lady Grey, a wickedly fashionable line of homegrown baubles.

Martinelli and Le Guyader got their start in prosthetic dentistry and orthodontics, while earning bachelor’s degrees for metalsmithing and jewelry design. How apropos! Named after Lady Jane Grey, the naughty wife of King Henry VIII who was beheaded for adultery after only nine days on the throne, this line of grisly, yet gorgeous hardware will instantly transform even your most frightful frocks into an unexpected masterpiece.

I’m digging their claw-like bracelets adorned with human teeth (cast in gold, silver and bronze), all meticulously handcrafted with torches (don’t try this at home!), special molds, metal-welding and other daunting devices you might find in your dentist’s office. That, or a Medieval torture chamber.

Unleash your devilish side and reinvigorate your wardrobe with eye-catching spear necklaces encrusted in silver bismuth, apex-shaped studs and gold-brushed cuffs with spikes…without fear of retribution. Get your Lady Jane fix at Pieces start from $199.

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Mini Fashion Junkie In The Making

Fashion Junkie Junior

Fashion Junkie Junior

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. At the tender age of two and a half, my daughter is already exhibiting common traits of a Fashion Junkie. Case in point: she throws a tantrum if anyone even attempts to choose her outfits and feels compelled to change multiple times a day… but not just because of mac ‘n cheese and poop stains. She’s beyond obsessed with leopard-print (Gap’s fedora is her current fixation) and jeggings, proudly prances around the apartment armed with a Hello Kitty polka dot purse, faux credit card, plastic tube of red lipstick and pretends to go shopping at “the store.” Thankfully Bloomingdale’s hasn’t entered her vocabulary yet.

But what really threw me over the edge were the words she recently blurted out after attempting to test-drive my 4” Miu Miu wedge booties; “I Want To Be Mommy!” While the statement was certainly flattering, it dawned on me that I want my daughter to love me for who I am (though I’m still trying to figure that out!)… not for what I’m wearing. With this in mind, I’ve decided to re-think my shopping strategy this season. Instead of making impulsive online purchases at 4am – the only time I can focus with twin toddlers in my house!, I asked myself, “Self: do you really need 5 more leather Mackage jackets?” Truth be told: I’ve been a compulsive shopper for years and admit it’s a BandAid solution for a much bigger problem. Read more about that in this blog post.

Now that I’ve hit the big “4-0,” it’s about time I grew up and set a good example for my twins, not to mention save for their college fund. As a result, I’ve decided to temporarily boycott boutiques & e-stores and start shopping in my very own closets. Yup…  I managed to snag separate storage for both my beloved footwear and clothes (thank you, hubby!). Much to my delight, I’ve discovered a veritable treasure trove of fashionable finds. Some items worth noting: Elizabeth & James pointy-toe snakeskin wedges purchased on Shopbop circa 2008 (sadly, never been worn), a teal Christian Lacroix lace dress that my insanely stylish Mom scored from Loehmann’s infamous backroom in ’98 (thankfully it still fits like a glove) and a mint-condition pair of Marc Jacobs T-straps in rich oxblood leather, which just happens to be the shade du jour. Maybe I’m way off base here, but perhaps someday my dearest daughter will appreciate the clothing sacrifices I made. Yeah, right… so long as it doesn’t affect her wardrobe.

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5 Fall Staples Worthy of Blowing Your Severance

Having recently lost my job due to a “company wide re-org,” I probably shouldn’t be thinking about spending a dime on anything other than basic essentials such as food and shelter. That said, with all those irresistible pre-fall fashions trickling into stores, how bad would it be to dip into my severance for some retail therapy? Come to think of it, isn’t clothing also considered a “staple?” Without further adieu, following are 5 fall wardrobe essentials I’ve been salivating over since getting the dreaded pink slip.

Peplum Power

Having just viewed all 5 seasons of Mad Men in 2 weeks (another benefit of having some time on my hands), I’m feeling the need to wear a Joan Harris-inspired power dress like this glittery peplum prize from Cynthia Steffe. And to think I found it at online at of all places?

Pointy-Toe Pumps

These killer patent-leather red pumps from B by Brian Atwood are pure perfection. Not sure how practical 4” heels will be whilst pushing 3 year-old twins around in a double stroller on the cobblestone streets of Dumbo, but can’t a girl dream? Pair these beauties with 7 For All Mankind’s new wax-coated skinnies in merlot and you’re good to go.

Cobalt Crush

I’m obsessed with electric blue (ideal for drawing attention away from my sleep-deprived under eye circles) and anything from French newcomer Maje (same owner as Sandro and Claudie Pierlot, a.k.a. SMCP Group). Right now I’m loving this fitted electric blue wool coat with supple leather sleeves. My biggest beef with this brand: the smallest available size is typically 36 (equivalent to a US 4), which means I’ll have to spend extra coin getting it altered to fit my frame. C’est dommage.

Bold Handbags

Most fashionistas I know are obsessed with Celine’s new “It Bag,” the Trapeze, which starts at only $2,100. Aside from the price tag (which would require me to take out a second mortgage), I personally prefer a lighter weight and more functional carryall to tote around my belongings. Enter Jerome Dreyfuss, a Paris-based designer who recently made his foray into the US market. Incidentally, I’ve noticed his jaw-dropping designs decorating store shelves at the likes of Barneys, Zoe and other online sites such as Shopbop, Ssense, La Garconne and even Saks. So much for that undiscovered secret! Certainly not cheap with prices ranging from $950+, but I do think his latest incarnation of last year’s Max hobo – the Etienne, is worth the investment. While available in black, forest green and dark grey, my personal fave is fire-engine red – an obnoxiously chic standout shade that happens to blend perfectly with the burgundy Iro biker jacket I’ve been lusting after.

Buyer beware: if you opt for the calfskin version, make sure you don’t wear it in the rain. I accidentally threw an opened water bottle inside my precious Max last fall and the burgundy leather turned a darker shade in one very obvious spot. I still haven’t forgiven myself for that faux pas.

Luxe Leather

With regard to outerwear this fall, it’s a toss-up between IRO’s bordeaux leather biker jacket and Mackage’s Mongolian-trim Kivi. I’m not the biggest fan of toggles (blustery winds often creep through the gaps), but think this beauty is beyond sophisticated. Sadly I have a slight fur allergy, but would be willing to put up with a rash and hives, at least for this season.

Dear reader: would you consider blowing your severance on frivolous fashion items? Feel free to share your stories/comments with the FJ community. I love hearing from you!

Fashion Junkie


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