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Cynthia Cheng of Toronto-based Prospere Magazine, profiled yours truly in a feature story about my passion for fashion, unpredictable career path (from editor-turned-blogger to marketing director) and overall mission in life: to make the world a better-dressed place, one person at a time. Check out the Career Profiles section for more.

Dara Fleischer – Blogger, Marketing Director and Fashionista

Dara Fleischer, originally of Montreal, is a graduate of Ryerson University’s broadcast journalism program.  She has worked in a variety of different fashion-related publications and companies, including LOULOU magazine and Club Monaco.  She is currently the Marketing Director of Beyond the Rack, an online shopping club based out of Montreal.  Dara was one of the earliest employees of the company – the fourth actually, and is the only employee of the company based out of New York. She works out of a home office.

Prior to Beyond the Rack, Dara was the editor and founder of – an online style source for “serial shoppers,” including herself.  It was actually one of the earliest blogs online – before the term “blog” and “blogger” were in the everyday vernacular – and focused on the day in the life of a “shopaholic.”  The site was originally very bare-bones, but was revamped a few years later when it became Dara’s full-time focus.  Though Dara is now working with Beyond the Rack on a full time basis, she still finds time to update the site – it is her baby, after all. What’s very interesting is that though Dara has worked in the fashion industry for most of her career, she did not take one fashion course at Ryerson. Dara’s site also organizes shopping tours – called “fashion safaris

The Beyond the Rack site, which operates similarly to other shopping clubs like Gilt Group, gives members access to purchase designer items at a lower cost short time (ranging from a few minutes to a few days). In addition to luxury products, Beyond the Rack also offers items from more moderate priced brands.  Best of all, unlike other shopping clubs, Beyond the Rack delivers to Canada and the United States. What does Dara think of her job? “When you’re really passionate about something, it’s not a job – it’s not work – it’s something that gives me a sense of pleasure and makes me happy. If I can help everyone look great and feel their best, it makes me smile.”

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