Recession Obsession

imageBlame it on the current economic crisis or Suze Orman on-the-brain, but I’ve finally decided to smarten-up and tighten the purse strings. That’s right. Aside from no longer blowing my hard-earned cash on impulse clothing purchases at (read: $475 sequin encrusted Pedro Garcia pumps), I’ve also put the kibosh on weekly manicures and Sally Hershberger designer haircuts (well, at least as of yesterday). Perhaps the biggest benefit to have come out of the collapsed economy: I’ve rediscovered staples from my very own wardrobe!

Much to my husband’s delight, I recently resurrected a few neglected items such as a bronze Andy The Ann blouse, which hasn’t seen the light of day since he bought it for me back in ’04. Other wearable and surprisingly stylish pieces I’ve pulled out from the crypt include a double-breasted tweed blazer (thank G-d the borrowed-from-the-boys look is back!), a pleated Club Monaco skirt that I scored whilst working at the company’s Toronto-based headquarters back in ’99, black Acne stovepipes that I haven’t been able to squeeze into since my honeymoon (an added bonus of no longer dining out), an ‘80’s-inspired acid-washed jean jacket that I completely forgot I owned and a faded chocolate brown wool Mackage coat that I miraculously spruced up by throwing on a patent leather belt. Now if only I can somehow reclaim that fitted hounds-toothed vest I graciously donated to Goodwill out of duress.

Don’t ditch those clothing cast-offs just yet! Get the most mileage out of your existing wardrobe by following these expert Fashion Junkie tips:

Raid your boyfriend’s closet! Over-sized items like a black vest, boxy blazer and the classic white button down shirt look beyond stylish when paired with skinny jeans and even short skirts.

• Add life to any lackluster coat by throwing it on with a cinched patent leather belt.

• Transform a dull jacket into dazzling by sewing on some of granny’s glitzy antique buttons. Plastic is so passé.

Befriend your tailor! Simple alterations such as shortening a skirt hem will make a world of difference.

• Modernize any dated ensemble by throwing on vintage accessories such as chunky jewelry or a print neck scarf.

• Punch up a faded frock in a flash by tie-dying it. As noted above, acid-washed denim is back… hint, hint!

• Instantly update your look by layering unexpected fabrics. For example, pair a chiffon floral dress with opaque tights and a fitted ¾ length belted cardigan. Add a pair of chunky cowboy boots and you’re good to go!

I’m curious to know how the current economy has made you rethink your wardrobe. Don’t be shy… share your tips and tricks with the Fashion Junkie community.

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