Body Reformers Worth Bragging About: Rese Pilates

imageAs a fitness fanatic who also happens to hail from Canada, I’ve amassed quite an impressive collection of Lululemon activewear over the years. But I have to admit, while I love the style, the fit of some of the tops is questionable. I’ll spare you the unsightly red strap marks imprinted beneath my chest, so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. I guess that’s one of the drawbacks you have to accept with trendy workout apparel?

That’s what I thought until I stumbled upon (pronounced Ree See), a cutting-edge and less costly fitness line that will have you doing backflips. For the uninitiated, Rese Pilates was actually designed to help you do exercises correctly by promoting proper alignment. Each garment helps you focus on key muscle groups such as your core, ribcage and other breathing points. For example, the workout bottoms are emblazoned with a black and white Yin & Yang logo, which sits at the front of the pant, reminding you to breathe and pull your navel towards your spine (a must for core strengthening). Now how smart is that?!

imageCrafted from ultra comfy, moisture-wicking fabrics like Supplex and Lycra, Rese Pilates offers a plethora of breathable tops and bottoms that won’t dig into your waist or ride up your rear. Some current must-haves include a sleek v-neck tank with gathered fabric at the bust (pictured above), extra-long racer-back tops that define your core and magically shrink your waistline (woo hoo!), sports bras that give “les girls” ample support, stylish extra-long-sleeved hoodies, skorts (ideal for tennis fans) and low-riser straight leg pants with skinny belts.

My personal fave is “The Connie” – a fitted boot-cut pant embroidered with a horizontal stripe at the waist (shown above), which helps focus hip alignment (for a constant reminder of my herniated disk!). Plus, everything comes in a variety of au courant colors such as fuchsia, burgundy, red, navy, turquoise and of course, black.

With such a fashionable and functional assortment of Rese Pilates merch to choose from, you’d better believe I’ll be sporting my supply well beyond those early morning latte runs. But don’t take my word for it… test-drive Rese Pilates and see for yourself!

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