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Guess what – I’m back! Forgive me dear reader, but I never realized just how large my Fashion Junkie fan base was until I announced I was giving the website a makeover! Yes, the rumors are true: your weekly FJ Fix email newsletter content has migrated over to a new home at the Fashion Junkie Re-Tales Blog. However, due to popular demand, you’ll now receive a weekly reminder of what you can expect to find on This way, you won’t miss out on all the fashion and beauty coverage you’ve come to know and love! And if you’re really suffering from withdrawal, you can curb your cravings by subscribing to FJ’s RSS Feed.

In case you haven’t already checked out the Re-Tales Blog, here’s a snippet of what was just posted. Since this blogging thing is a two-way street, please don’t forget to post your comments – the Fashion Junkie community wants to know what’s on your mind!

This Week’s Re-Tales Blog Round-Up:

imageVictoria’s Secret on the “Boob” Tube:
Since I’ve been cursed with cherry pits, I’ve never really had the need for a bra. The only time I’ll even consider strapping one on is when I’m wearing a sheer top. Otherwise, I prefer to keep my tatas unfettered, if you will. However, when I heard about the Long Island lady who’s suing Victoria’s Secret over patent infringement for a convertible bra that she created back in 2004, I decided to write this blog post to give her some “support.” Click here to read more!

With the strange daily hot and cold weather fluctuations we’ve been facing (gotta love global warming!), deciding what to wear has become all the more challenging.  That’s why during the day, I don multiple layers that can easily be peeled off and always top off my look with a timeless trench, a must for combating those pesky April showers. With so many stunning styles on the market this season (from flashy metallic to shimmery nylon to punch patent), I thought I’d reveal my top 5 picks. Click here to read more!

Stay tuned for next week’s shopping obsessions and confessions! And if you have a fashion emergency or need some retail therapy, drop me a line at – I love hearing from you!

-Fashion Junkie

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