M.A.C. Attack!

imageAlthough I only slept 3 hours last night (ahh, the joys of drinking too much wine before bedtime), my face is surprisingly full of life. That’s because my lids are lined with electric blue, glittery eyeliner and my pout is painted a high-shine shade of fuchsia gloss. Admittedly, not the most flattering make-up colors for my complexion, but since they’re part of the new limited edition Heatherette for M.A.C. make-up collection, how could I possibly resist? 

The brainchild of design duo Richie Rich and Traver Rains, Heatherette for M.A.C. is without a doubt, one of the coolest make-up collaborations I’ve ever come across. Having recently met-up with Richie and Traver at New York’s brand new M.A.C. Pro store, I can’t say enough good things about these guys not to mention their groovy make-up collection.

Fashioned into two distinct “Good Girl, Bad Girl” looks that play off the designers’ sense of dress-up and fun, Heatherette’s coloring-book colors and hot pink, disco-esque packaging are just as imaginative and daring as Richie and Traver themselves. A playful, head-turning palette of day-to-night essentials for the ultimate Heatherette face, the 24-piece collection is fun, yet sophisticated with a downtown edge.

Brace yourself for ultra-bright, gender-neutral products that are meant to appeal to club kids as well as corporate types (who knew?), including Beauty Powders (perfect for your face and eyelids), Lipstick (Fleshpot, a barely-there nude is the tamest of the bunch), Eye Shadow Trios (pastel mint green to deep purple), Pigments (peach and pinky shimmers with reflective particles), Glitter (Richie’s nightclub-inspired look), Nail Lacquers (gray is the new black!), Faux Patent-Leather and Fishnet Eye Lashes and Dual-Edge Eye Pencils in a variety of creamy solids and glittery shades – a first for M.A.C.

Well-priced at no more than $39 (for the eye shadow trio), the limited edition Heatherette for M.A.C. make-up collection won’t last long. Having just hit stores, you’d better act fast or you’ll inevitably be eBay bound.

The Retail Details!
Product: Heatherette for M.A.C.
Where To By: maccosmetics.com
Price Range: $19-$39

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