imageIn preparation for my friend’s wedding the other weekend, I treated myself to a sleek, salon blown out. But thanks to high humidity levels on the dance floor, it didn’t take long for my pin-straight strands to morph back to their au natural frizz-ball state. If only I had the Warren-Tricomi Mini Flat Iron on hand – a pint-sized, plug-in hair-straightener, my tresses would’ve held out well past the horrah.

A fitting travel companion, the WT Mini is unbelievably cute and conveniently tucks into the tiniest of purses. Ideal for touch-ups and quick fixes, this haute hair tool instantly tames wavy bangs and pesky fly-aways. This flat iron also does wonders for a post-gym or after-work date. Just plug it in the nearest outlet and you’ll have a runway ready mane in no time. Unlike those clunky, old school straightening models, the WT Mini is super lightweight and comes with ceramic/tourmaline-coated plates that heat up to 400 degrees in a matter of minutes. Tote the 6-inch miniature marvel around and you’ll never have to worry about ruining your blow out during an unexpected rainstorm again.

The WT Mini lets me get much closer to my curly roots for precision detailing. Plus, its lightweight plates won’t leave you with the normally accompanied carpal tunnel syndrome. Just make sure you remember to pack your WT Mini in its handy storage pouch or you might end up burning a hole in your favorite Botkier bag (eek!).

  • The Warren-Tricomi Mini Flat Iron
  • 800-457-2292
  • $90
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