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As if getting strip-searched by the airport screener isn’t humiliating enough, having your beloved cosmetics confiscated and tossed away before your very eyes is a downright toiletry travesty. With carry-on restrictions more confusing than ever, you really have to know what you can pack before heading out the door. Thanks to a bevy of trusty, liquid-free alternatives to hit the market, there’s no need to check your luggage (unless you’re an overpacker like me). From toothpaste powder to solid perfumes and shampoos, today’s flier-friendly cosmetics will not only save you time and money from having to replenish your ditched toiletries, but are so first class, you just might want them for your home.

imageThis multi-purpose conditioning balm works wonders for dry cuticles, chapped lips, sandpaper-like hands and even blemishes. Toss the tiny gold tin into your tote and slather it on as needed. But remember… a little balm goes a long way.
SolarBalm, $10, available at

Say sayonara to unexpected spills and cracked containers with this dry, jasmine-scented shampoo and conditioning bar. Soak the disk under water, rub it against wet hair, et voila… your strands will suddenly be soft and squeaky clean. Make sure to lay the disk flat to dry before repacking. Lush Solid Godiva Shampoo & Conditioner, $8.75, available at

Dark colors look divine, but sporting chipped polish in public is a bonafide beauty blunder. Strip away unwanted streaks in a flash with leak–proof, single use remover pads for fabulous, party perfect nails. Lippmann Collection “The Stripper To Go”, $8.00, available at

Stop stubborn messes and unwanted germs in seconds with pre-moistened towelettes. Whether you’re a victim of sticky fingers or runny mascara, you’ll be good to go after one swift swipe.
Face 25 Makeup Removing Wipes, $10, available at

Freshen-up on the fly with this sweet-smelling, vanilla-infused perfume solid. Dab your finger into the pot and rub a pea-sized amount onto your wrists and temples for that shower-fresh feeling from taxi take-off ’til touch down.
Stila Creme Bouquet Perfume Solid, $20, available at

Powder for your pearly whites… who knew? Place a few flakes under luke-warm water and brush away for a foamy, minty fresh mouth. Believe it or not, this little plastic pouch contains enough powder for up to 400 brushes!
Toothfresh Toothpaste Powder, $5.95, available at


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