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imageAfter years of frying my hair with a flat iron, I’ve finally found a reason to permanently revert back to my au natural, Shirley Temple-like state. Why the sudden “reincurlnation?” Aside from being unable to bare the accompanied carpal tunnel syndrome (it takes 30 minutes just to blow dry my strands straight), I came across Curly Cocktails – the Holy Grail of hair care designed specifically for girls with curls.

Seven intoxicating concoctions tailor-made to fight all types of frizz and fros, Curly Cocktails protein-packed formulas will radically transform your locks and your life. Created by curly-headed Texans, Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber of (the world’s largest social networking “curl-munity”), Curly Cocktails are the most effective and “fun-spirited” new collections for the kinky-haired clan.

Since one styling product doesn’t necessarily fit all (you should see the medley of mousses, gels, serums and sprays in my medicine cabinet!), Curly Cocktails comes with a range of 3-5 different products meant to be blended, depending on how your curls look and feel on any particular day. For instance, Curl & Tonic (ideal for corkscrew curls like mine), consists of Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper, AG Re:coil, Batia & Aleeza Bio-Herbal Mineral Sculpting Gel, Curlisto Unruly Paste and DevaCurl Mist-er Right. Another bonus: each Curly Cocktail contains a corresponding recipe card with detailed instructions and measurements so you know exactly how much of each ingredient to mix.

You can quench your curls with a host of bar-like beverages, including Curltini (for wavy hair), Cosmocurlitan (for looser locks), Hot Buttered Curls (for kinky curls) and Curlaccino (for the bushiest of Roseanne Roseannadanna-like fros). There’s even a selection of adorable strand saviors for curly kids: Curly Temple (for loose waves) and Curly Bubbly (for kinky waves). Everything’s neatly packed in a sturdy, eco-friendly container along with a wide-toothed comb for detangling strands in the shower – all the tools you’ll ever need for beautiful, bouncy, frizz-free tresses.

Create Your Own Curly Cocktail and Win! Do you have a personal recipe for a favorite styling concoction? Send your submission to and it just might be announced in their November 20th email newsletter. As a crafty bartender, you have two options:

Contest 1: Create a cocktail using products available in CurlMart, NaturallyCurly’s online boutique.

Contest 2: Create a cocktail using a combination of any styling products you love.

Prize Information:

NaturallyCurly judges will select one winner from each category. Each winner will receive a $50 CurlMart gift certificate, and:

Grand Prize for Contest 1: Your recipe becomes a real Curly Cocktail introduced in CurlMart in 2008.

Grand Prize for Contest 2: You receive virtual retail therapy – customized expert tips and tricks for tackling the toughest clothing calamities, courtesy of

Better hurry… the contest closes at midnight, October 31st, 2007. Contestants must be of legal mixing age to participate! Submit your Curly Cocktail here.

Calling All Curly Heads! Check out Fashion Junkie’s “Re-Tales” Blog for an exclusive Q&A interview with co-founders, Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber.

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  • adult cocktails, $50-$80; children’s cocktails, $45-$50
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