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imageWhen it comes to selling cosmetics, it’s all about marketing. Truth is, most lotions, potions and polishes produce the same end results, regardless of brand name or price. That said, I’ll admit, I’ve always been a sucker for pretty packaging and clever names, no matter what ingredients are listed on the label. That’s probably why I’m tickled pink over Carolyn New York – an eye-catching nail polish line inspired by life in the Big Apple.

Created by celebrity manicurist, Carolyn Cianciotto, a native New Yorker who wanted people to experience the greatest city in the world “first-hand,” Carolyn New York is much more than just another pretty polish. A diary in a bottle, Carolyn New York’s dazzling array of 46 hues vividly recounts a series of personal events that happened to Carolyn in each of the five boroughs. Even the packaging is emblazoned with a gleaming gold Manhattan skyline. For instance, Blackout in the Bronx (a matte black) perfectly captures the essence of the ’77 power outage that left the city in total darkness; Cheating in Queens (a red brick shade) is named for Carolyn’s cheating ex-boyfriend who left her for a stripper in Queens (ouch!); Staten Italy (a hot pink) symbolizes Italian-American girls’ weekend ferry rides into Manhattan for a night out on the town and NY Stock X (a creamy pink neutral) to cover the fingertips of conservative Wall Streeters. My personal fave is Mulberry Street, a dark brown shade reminiscent of coffee and canolis.

Kitschy concept aside, Carolyn New York’s long-lasting formula has seriously nailed the competition. The sleek glass vials have a goof-proof rubber grip and wide applicator brush that glides on smoothly, sans streaks and air bubbles. Plus, you needn’t worry about inhaling any funky and harmful fumes – Carolyn New York’s polishes are made from a DBP-free formula that’s hydrating and adheres to nails. I brought a bottle of Brooklyn to my manicurist and miraculously, the deep red hue managed to stay chip-free and shiny for a full five days. A helpful hint: for maximum maintenance, apply a topcoat every other day, don dishwashing gloves and slather on cuticle oil.

Try all the Carolyn New York colors and you’ll get to know every neighborhood like the back of your hand.

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