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Find out why Fashion Junkie is so fixated on the DevaSun Dryer

I’ve been test-driving the DevaSun Dryer all week and lemme tell ya… this thing seriously blows away the competition.

A “handy” device designed especially for curly girls, the DevaSun Dryer is truly unlike anything I’ve seen on the market. Even those el cheapo Hot Sock foam diffusers don’t come nearly as close to doing the deed as well (mine’s completely torn from traveling). Why I’m so smitten? For starters, the Freddy Kruger-esque claw attached to the dryer (a.k.a. DevaFuser) was designed to replicate how stylists use their hands to cradle curls while they dry. So it dries gently, without dislodging curls or blasting them into a bushy halo. Anyone in the kinky-haired clan can relate to that. Plus, its powerful ion-generating technology dries hair incredibly fast and thoroughly, so you’ll never be out-the-door with damp roots, which is a big bonus during winter.

While at first I was skeptical (I’ve purchased dozens of dryers, most of which have fried my hair into a bushy Brillo-pad consistency), but when the DevaSun Dryer arrived at my doorstep, I couldn’t wait to crack open the pretty lime green and white box and begin my new blow-drying regimen. Here’s how it went.

DevaSun Dryer and DevaFuser Directions

Step 1: Immediately after showering, I combed my hair, added a dollop of DevaCurl AnGell and gently scrunched my strands with a few sheets of paper towel – a tip I learned from Lorraine Massey, co-owner of Devachan, NYC’s cult curly-hair salon. Contrary to popular belief, heavy towels actually promote frizz, so try to stick with paper towels. And don’t worry about waste… you can air dry paper towels and re-use them as often as you wish. 

Step 2. I plugged in the blower, flipped the switch to high and closed the lid on the toilet. What can I say, I’m a spazz, ok?

Step 3. I tilted the DevaFuser slightly for a full 360-degree airflow, then flipped my head over to one side and placed the plastic claw onto my scalp, starting with the nape area. I held it there for about two minutes to evaporate the moisture and seal the curl. Then, I repeated the same process on the other side.

Step 4. I placed the DevaFuser on the top of my scalp (a.k.a. the temple region), right above my ears. Two minutes later, my curls were transformed into tight, Shirley Temple-like corkscrews.

Step 5. For extra oomph in front, I glided the DevaFuser onto my forehead (not too close, it gets hot!) and tilted the drier upwards. The end result: super shiny, voluminous hair that held in place all day.

Total drying time: about six minutes.

Fed up with your Roseanne Roseannadanna-like fro? Don’t fret… check out or call 1-800-573-4303 to order your DevaSun Dryer and DevaFuser today.

The proof is in the pictures!

Dara test-driving the DevaCurl Dryer & Deva Fuser

The final result: Shirley Temple-like corkscrews.

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