Surf’s Up!

imageWith the 4th of July only a few weekends away, now’s the time to plan your wardrobe for that beach getaway. While there’s an obvious list of essentials to pack including over-sized shades, a Brazilian bikini and a steamy Candace Bushnell novel, don’t even consider hitting the sand without the latest arm candy: a Surf Betty funboard. That’s right… surfboards have suddenly become girly.

Not unlike a designer purse, a Surf Betty board when slung under your shoulder makes an undeniably cool and stylish statement. And thanks to the slew of surfing shows that have sprung up over the years including Babe Watch (err, Baywatch), Blue Crush, and now, HBO’s John From Cincinnati, it’s becoming more and more chic for chicks to catch the wave. Hot on the heels of this girly phenomenon is Aussie-based Global Surf Industries, the world’s largest distributor of in-demand surfboard lines such as the NSP (New Surf Project) Surf Betty. A femme-tastic range of boards made exclusively for women, Surf Betty, delivers a balanced, easy ride and comes in an assortment of sleek designs and punchy floral patterns, making it the board of choice for beginners and experienced surfers alike. With up to five Surf Betty models to choose from, not only will you develop a sleek physique (surfing burns calories big time), but you’ll also be the most stylish babe to hit the beach.

Exclusive Fashion Junkie deal just for YOU! Global Surf Industries is giving away a 7’2” NSP Surf Betty (pictured above) to one lucky subscriber (a $375 value!). All you need to do is forward this email to five friends and you’ll automatically be entered to win. The winner will be notified via email on July 9th, 2007. You must be over the age of 18 to qualify.

  • Global Surf Industries
  • 877-474-6503
  • $345-$499 (Surf Betty Boards)
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