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Fans of the NoLIta-based hipster Find Outlet boutique better prepare for a double take. After nearly a decade of stocking discounted designer threads, co-owner Ike Rodriguez rechristened the space to Greenfinds – a one-stop-shop for solely organic and eco-conscious clothing, accessories and cosmetics.

Why the radical transformation from an already successful trio of stores? The NoLIta, Chelsea and L.A. locations churned in a combined profit of $1.6 million. The answer is decidedly simple. Years in the fast-paced fashion biz left Rodriguez burned out, so to recharge, he bought a live-aboard sailboat and RV and dropped out of society. During this two-year sabbatical, he became completely in tune with nature, et voila… the concept for Greenfinds was born. Driven to do something more meaningful than just selling designer clothes, Greenfinds became the ideal platform for promoting Rodriguez’s newfound philosophy of coexisting on the planet fashionably and organically, with products that promote our responsibilities to the earth.

Now that green is the new black, shopping need not be such a guilty pleasure. Step inside Greenfinds and find a gorgeous roster of eco-chic clothes ranging from organic cotton jeans (Del Forte), cozy knit cardigans (Stewart Brown) to sexy soy dresses (Ryann). Also a must are the groovy felt ’shroom lamps (Mio), pampering bath and body lotions (Pangea), soothing candles (Dirt) and tingly toothpaste (Miessence).

Judging by the swarms of repeat shoppers since relaunching this spring, who says its’ not easy being green?

  • Greenfinds
  • 299 Mott Street (between Prince & Spring)
  • 212-226-5167
  • Mon.-Sun., 12pm-7pm
  • $7-$200
  • Final sale on all items
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