Fashion Junkie Out Of Rehab!

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Fashion Junkie Out Of Rehab!
The ultimate style source for serial shoppers relaunches!

New York, NY — May 7, 2007 — Is your life one BIG fashion emergency? Are you stumped on where to find the most sought-after styles, suffering from withdrawal or simply clothes-minded? Then you need a dose of — a fashion and beauty email newsletter, daily blog and personal shopping service clueing you in on what to buy and where to buy it… before it’s passé.

Fashion Junkie’s mission is simple: to make the world a better-dressed place, one person at a time. Based in New York City, Fashion Junkie constantly combs the streets in search of the swankiest stores, coolest clothing lines and cult cosmetics to keep you in-the-know. She’s a serial shopper with a sixth sense for all things fashionable, instantly detecting the hippest designer hideaways, best vintage frocks and cheap ‘n chic places that won’t drain your bank account. A saving grace for the fashion challenged and those too busy to shop, Fashion Junkie keeps track of the latest trends and is always on call to give you tips and tricks for tackling the toughest clothing calamities. 

Fashion Junkie is the brainchild of Dara Fleischer, a seasoned shopping editor and television correspondent who honed her skills as Fashion and Beauty Editor at LOULOU (Canada’s premier shopping magazine) and Merchandising Editor at InStyle. Recognizing fashionistas’ insatiable appetite for of-the-moment fashion and beauty buzz, Dara spawned Fashion Junkie as an online soapbox for sharing her views and news on all things stylish.

Get your fix by signing up for Fashion Junkie’s free email newsletter filled with of-the-moment fashion and beauty obsessions and special perks, from sample sale listings to exclusive discounts from the hottest boutiques, delivered straight to your inbox every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Plannning an international getaway? Follow FJ’s globe-trekking adventures – an insider’s guide highlighting the top trends and shopping shrines from Hong Kong to Holland.

For those who need a little extra handholding, Fashion Junkie also offers tailor-made group and private NYC shopping safaris, a fun-filled experience for tourists and locals alike. Expect undivided attention and expert advice while exploring the City’s off-the-beaten-path boutiques, sample sales and sweet retreats. Fashion Junkie will rummage through racks, suggest outfits that work for your body and budget and will even give her honest opinion when asked, “Does this make my ass look fat?”

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Fashion Junkie tips may be habit forming. Possible side effects include: shopping bulimia (i.e., excessive buying and returning), cluttered closets and escalating credit card debt.


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