Bald Is Beautiful

Ahhh, the joys of prepping for bikini season: first, the grueling ten-day diet of cayenne pepper-infused lemon water (a.k.a. the Master Cleanse), tan-in-a-can (because we’re sun smart) and now, Brazilian waxing kits – the latest must-have addition to hit the DIY market.

Thanks to Diane Paisley, President & Provocateur of Just Kittyng, you can now put an end to embarrassing SHS (stray hair syndrome) from the privacy of your own bathroom (c’mon, we’ve all been there!). Yup, you can have barely any hair “down there” whenever and wherever you want. Fully loaded with all the latest essentials for crafting the perfect pubic zone, Paisley’s practical and portable grooming kits contain everything from ouch-free waxing strips, soothing gel, heart-shaped stencil art, a miniature plastic comb, scissors and tweezers for tugging at those pesky ingrown hairs and hard-to-reach spots. For those of the faint of heart, stash Paisley’s pretty stencil art kits in your purse and ask your local aesthetician to do the dirty work. Choose from an assortment of titillating shapes such as arrows, lightening bolts, stars, tulips and X’s (my oh my!). No DIY bikini wax would be complete without Just Kittying Shave Me  – a soothing, rash-free cream that leaves skin super soft and supple.

What’s next for this devilish diva? Paisley says to keep your privates peeled for yummy flavored stimulators (mmm cinnamon) and “low-lip” chapstick… no kidding!

  • Just Kittyng
  • 1-866-WAXXING
  • Just Kittyng Grooming Kit, $39.95; Bikini Art Kits, $18.95; Just Kittyng Shave Me, $7.50 (1oz) – $13.95 (4oz)
  • Final sale on all items
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