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Best In Snow

imageIn case you missed today’s Fashion Junkie Fix (gasp!), we featured Erin Snow – the hautest collection of women’s ski apparel this side of St. Moritz. Having just interviewed Erin Isakov herself, the talented designer behind the brand, we thought we’d share her top tips for looking and feeling great whether you’re tackling black diamond trails or sipping hot toddies during après ski.

• Comfort is key. Wear something in line with what you wear in the street so you feel like yourself on the slopes.

• Buy ski gear that’s appropriate for the climate. Invest in quality materials so you don’t freeze on the mountain. For example, if you’re planning a trip out West for spring skiing, invest in lighter-weight fabrics that allow your body to breathe. If you’re heading to
      Quebec’s Mont Tremblant in the dead of winter, you’d better bundle up with fur trim (the Johanna coat) and Thermor-insulated pants (the Romy), which are meant to be layered on top of silks. 

Whether you’re a pro or a novice, treat yourself to Erin Snow when you ski and you’re always guaranteed a peak performance. Visit for more information. Happy shopping!

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Ahh, the joys of winter: brittle nails, scaly hands and cracked lips – all common signs of serious dehydration. Since not everyone has the luxury of routinely getting pampered at the spa for an energizing body scrub and facial, here’s a round-up of less pricey, tried-and-true at-home skin remedies that work almost as well. No gratuity required.

imageA multi-purpose skin saver that works wonders, Rosebud Salve has been a coveted cure-all since 1892! Toss the tin in your tote and slather on as needed. From dry cuticles, chapped lips, sandpaper-like hands to blemishes, a little salve goes a long way. Rosebud Salve, $6,

imageSlather a pea-sized amount of this sweet-smelling, vitamin-enriched oil onto your hangnails and kiss those crusty flakes of skin good-bye. You can even rub a few drops onto your tresses to tame those pesky fly-aways. Creative Nail Design Solar Oil, $8.75,

imageThis super-strength healing ointment is a must for severely dry or irritated skin. Rub a generous amount onto the palms of your hands at least three times a day and bid adieu to brittle, dishpan hands. Aquaphor also does wonders for cracks in the corners of your mouth – just dab a dime-sized amount of ointment onto a Q-tip and the painful slits will disappear in no time. Aquaphor, $7.49,

imageWhether you suffer from eczema or acute dermatitis, this doctor-approved oil is second to none. Coat the colloidal oatmeal-enriched liquid all over your body after bathing (moisturizers are best retained when the skin is wet) and your skin will look and feel as good as new. Aveeno Moisturizing Shower & Bath Oil, $7.64 (10oz bottle),

imageA skincare staple since 1911, Nivea’s ultra hydrating face cream when slathered-on day and night, will make your skin radiant. It did wonders for Grandma’s complexion and its unchanged formula is guaranteed to do wonders for you too! Factoid: Nivea was derived from the Latin adjective “niveus,” meaning snow white. Nivea, $7.49,

imageJust because the heat is cranked up full blast on the thermostat doesn’t mean your skin has to take a beating. Plug in this super sonic humidifier and you’ll no longer get the life (and moisture) sucked out of you. Air-O-Swiss® Ultrasonic Humidifier, $199,

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Dress-ed To Thrill

imageA degree in finance isn’t exactly the kind of background you’d expect from an emerging fashion designer. But for Canadian-born Jay Godfrey, it was his knack for numbers and passion for architecture and interior design that prompted him to launch a namesake clothing collection. Now in its third season, Jay Godfrey’s cutting-edge day-to-night dresses have been flying off the racks at some of the hottest names in retail such as Intermix, Saks, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus.

Known for his knockout one-shoulder shift dress, initially designed for leading Hollywood ladies like Rachel Bilson back in ‘05, Jay Godfrey is now the sought after contemporary evening label amongst global fashion insiders. Made for fearless fashionistas who aren’t afraid to flaunt their gams, Jay Godfrey’s knee-grazing silhouettes exude sex appeal and, dare I say, a dash of debauchery. Bring out your inner Bond girl with Godfrey’s sultry, yet wearable pieces that come in a combo of limited-edition, au courant hues such as fluorescent yellow and orange as well as the signature black.

Standouts include a stunning one-shoulder red ombré dress (degradé is a huge trend this Spring), a neon yellow shift with an over-sized bow (pictured above), a chic Kimono-style tunic with a waist-cinching sash, a rose-gold metallic halter swing ensemble, a racer back zipper silk jersey dress and a striking silk apple-green gown (exclusive to Neiman Marcus). Other trademark features include assymetrical zippers, racy back cut outs and hidden pockets, which are perfect for stowing your lipstick, credit card, handcuffs and other secret agent essentials.

  • Jay Godfrey
  • $296-$800
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Clean Slate

imageThanks to weeks of gorging on greasy pizza, red meat, chocolate truffles, red wine and Stilton cheese (gotta love the holidays), my digestive system is desperate for a tune-up. Rather than flush out my toxin build-up with several heaping bowls of Super Colon Blow (a.k.a. Fiber One), I’m kick-starting my New Year’s with Boots’ Feel The Difference 5-Day Detox Plan – a more intense yet palatable total body cleanse.

A strawberry-flavored liquid that won’t make you hurl like those Milk of Magnesia products, Feel The Difference (FTD), when used regularly, will magically cleanse, purify and revive your body from the inside out. Formulated from a blend of Grape Vine Leaf and Marine Pink Bark, two antioxidants that naturally flush away impurities from the skin, liver, kidneys and digestive system, FTD is a healthy and hassle-free way to put your system back on track. Another active ingredient, Schizanda, a strange-sounding herb that promotes liver cleansing, helps neutralize potentially damaging toxins such as pollutants, alcohol, smoke and even pesticides (eek!).

Ready to join me in taking on the new year with vim and vigor? Simply add a 30ml dose of FTD to a litre of water every morning and, in a matter of days, you’ll look and feel completely revitalized. Just make sure to avoid processed foods, caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol, and just about any other vice you can think of, as they’ll interfere with the detox. If this doesn’t work, its back to bran!

  • Boots Feel The Difference 5-Day Detox
  • $19.99 (set includes 5 30ml vials)
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imageAs the season’s most in-demand accessory, elbow-grazing opera gloves should be simple to find. But having ransacked every big name department store from Barneys to Bloomies, it seems extra long cashmere-lined leather gloves in small sizes are seemingly non-existent. Having been on my radar screen since mid-October, I practically put the kibosh on the search until I stumbled upon Sermoneta – a bustling Madison Avenue boutique that only sells gloves.

A well-lit, snow white space no larger than a walk-in closet, Sermoneta’s lone U.S. location carries a deceivingly large selection of haute hand coverings. The holy grail of gloves, Sermoneta is littered with over 60 jaw-dropping styles, all of which are artfully displayed on hand mannequins that sit atop gallery-like Lucite shelves. Rather than rummage through messy bins to find your size, the shop’s stock is securely stowed behind the counter in space age-y cubbyholes.

This season’s handi-work includes sleek opera length silhouettes (a cut so coveted, they’ve re-stocked ‘em five times!), purple driving gloves with half fingers (perfect for pressing numbers on your cell), an ivory ensemble with intricate lace cut-outs, a timeless teal number with side buttons, racy leopard prints adorned with zippers, punk-infused pairs with metal grommets and a standout style with shimmery silver strips (pictured above). Prepare to pay top dollar for the finest fabrics such as rabbit fur, mink, buttery suede, pigskin, patent and quilted leathers, all of which are handmade at Sermoneta’s headquarters in Italy. With such an abundance of styles and sizes, one thing’s for certain… you won’t be leaving empty-handed.

Special Fashion Junkie Announcement: Fashion Junkie will be back on Tuesday, January 8, 2008. Have a Happy New Year!

  • Sermoneta
  • 609-611 Madison Avenue (@ 58th)
  • 212-319-5946
  • $49-$700
  • exchange or store credit only
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